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M≡NSCH is a Copenhagen based electro art pop project. The sound carries inspirations from both British 80s and 90s pop as well as contemporary Los Angeles productions. The lyrics are all about the human existence. The songs are exploring what's out there in the world and what is in here in our souls.

Melancholy Sunday - Lyric Video Release 4th of June 2021

Melancholy Sunday is a track descripting the little timespan between your loved one leaving you and the time when the emotional consequence is kicking in. To delay the emotional pain to set in you need to constantly keep yourself distracted. The first days this is not too difficult but then the bubble starts to crack and everything you do reminds you of your loved one who is now gone. Melancholy Sunday is about when the bubble starts to crack.

The visual universe for the single release is based on a mask and staging by Berlin based artist Michael Birn.

The mask is an interpretation of the theme in Melancholy Sunday; catching the moment we start falling apart after keeping the pain at bay for a while by pretending all is good.

We wear a mask to protect us against unpleasant emotion but after a while we grow into the mask and can no longer take it of. The mask will hold us together on the outside for a while until the falling apart on the inside pushes through and the mask collapses.


Melancholy Sunday
by Mensch
Release 4th of June 2021

Written by Mensch
Produced bySaabye
Mastered by Jan Elliason

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