One in a million people would not realise that childish wannabe popster Stian is the alter-ego of songwriter Saabye, they look alike for a start, the founder of the bySaabye brand that operates within international music and art scale out of Copenhagen, Scandinavia. Saabye is a true music biz innovator, disruptive and forward thinking and a budding hitmaker and performer...

Kissing That Girl - Official Video Release May 2021

‘Kissing that Girl’ - dancing, dreaming, a PopStar-Extravaganza.

Storyline: The music business during Lockdown is 99% off, Stian has therefore taken a part-time job as an early morning cleaner at a dance studio... as no dancers are allowed in because of restrictions, he makes the time fly by dreaming of being a PopStar in a world of star-fame and pop-fortune. He fantasizes about the girl that he loves and starts dancing his heart away to the beat of his fav' new song ‘Kissing that Girl’ not realising his sub-standard dance talent leaves a lot to be desired. Lovely...

Stian is the alter-ego of bySaabye founder Saabye.

Why an alter-ego? It's difficult to second guess the real intention, however the trend is that more and more songwriters steps out in the spotlight, although Saabye felt that he is behind so many things, that he created an alter-ego figure, a bit thick, childish but also a perfect pop star to front his compositions.

Thus, Stian was put into the world, a poster boy for the bySaabye brand and the face of the music at bySaabye, presented as a full-on unpredictable kid who denies growing up while having one long lasting party. Fashionista, Vain and Un-Sportsmanlike. His age is unlisted (ie 32) and civil status is simply available! and that's for a start.

The songs comes thick and fast, he releases a new song with video every Monday as part of the ArtPop Galore by Saabye imprint. It might seems absurd to release a new song (with dogme style video) each week, but it something that Saabye seems very proud of.

"I wrote a book during the pandemic called 'the Art of Modern Songwriting in the Streaming Age' about the way that I compose songs my way and I felt that there was no way that I was coming out of it with due respect without proving that it's actually possible to write a song, even two, in a focused One Hour Session and then complete it within 4 hours and film a (dogme) video in 8 without putting my head on the block so to speak and prove it. And for Stian, he is simply happy of all the attention he gets and gives him a raison d'etre"


Stian the poster boy has tremendous self-belief, thinks he's a stone cold genius, obviously he is not, but his music and his voice touches far and beyond. Today's pop stars has high self-belief. The sound is 2021 style modern international pop with hints 80's British produced today and is influenced by the best of international top 50 mixed with the very personal sound that is that of Saabye.

It's all ongoing, it will be both fun and exciting to follow Stian to see if he becomes the star he such craves, even if it's not the biggest and the brighest of them all, chances are high, the scene is set, he only need one to go a certain distance, then the rest will surely follow nicely.



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