Songz bySaabye is the Songwriting arm of Copenhagen based Music and Art Factory bySaabye.

bySaabye write in principle all types of modern Pop Songs but specialises in what could be called radio type of Songs - Singles. The response time and turnaround is quick... first demoes within a few days. The established Song catalouge is counting approx. a hundred original Songs at the moment, mostly within the international 2021 Pop segment.

Songz bySaabye is created to provide new original Songs to established artists and industry backed new talent on demand. It could also be what we call ComeBack Songs, Songs for artists who have had big hits in the past and are looking for a follow up radio single. This is something that we specialises in. We provide a guide mix, inividual stem files, Logic X projects including guide vocals and naturally chords/lyric sheets.

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Look of Lies Master

Kissing That Girl Master

about Saabye

Saabye is a long time London resident professional Songwriter/producer and perfromer that as young landed bang in the middle of the BritPop craze in the mid 90's to work with some of the biggest names of, ironically, the 80's. He instantly found himself surrounded by all the biggest bands at the time and all the then players of the Music industry, so fair to say, it was the best of times, though it did not go according to plan at all.
Initially his Songwriting started as very British, all the great Songs from the big bands from the 80's followed by the 90's, however today with the launch of Songz bySaabye - a 'One Stop' Songwriting facility, the sound is very much 2021 however still rooted in the great Songwriting tradition of the 80's, very much in demand globally today.
He is also the author of 'the Art of Modern Songwriting in the Streaming Age' written during the pandemic where he developed his own technique based on how he writes all his Songs, the 'One Hour Session', where during a concentrated hour he composes enough ideas for two Songs, think of it as an A and B side and then spends no more than 4 hours to complete lyrics, arranging, recording, mix/mastering to advanced demo level.


Who Are You? nuDisco

"I'm a professional Songwriter from Scandinavia, but have spend most of my working life between Scandinavia and London within the Music Industry. I have started up a SongWriting for Industry Professionals House/Agency so to speak where I write top 50 style hopefull Singles, either as sole writer or together with established artists that either looks for a possible breakthrough type of Song, next Single or what I call a Comeback Hit, a follow up Single to a previous Hit from the past. I realised that it's something that I for some reason is good at, spotting what an artist was up to at a particulary time. Often much investment has been put into a comeback artist, and both the artist and label is looking for second (or be third, fourth... ) follow up Single. I hold in April 2021 around 100, attempts to be, 2021 style Singles in my Song bank.

Songs that I have left un-published up to now, all composed during the last couple of years. The style is very 2020 always, however I do retro as well, and are all my take at reflecting whats happing out there at the moment, based on classic virtues of Songwriting.

I'm also author of 282 page (English) book, the Art of Songwriting in the Streaming Age, where I tell about how I go about writing Songs in what i call 'One Hour Sessions' where I either alone or with an artist sits down and within a rough 60 minutes focused effort composes ideas for what is to become a Song, often two actually, kind of an A/B side, though they tend to be able to end both ways round. Obviously then there is additional work to fine tune, getting lyrics right, some arrangements and initial production that I also can handle (or somebody could be drafted in), before going for master, but the technique has actually proofed to be working very well."

about the bySaabye Factory

bySaabye Factory is a virtual exhibition from colourful Scandinavia that operates within bang up-to-date international top 50 style Pop Music and connected art of all sorts.

A mecca of party, colour and Music, seeking answers in a world that is 2020, in times of trouble, yet a carousel of sweets… bons-bons, international Pop, art, eBooks about professional SongWriting and sure… merchandise. All true exciting thoughts on how the Music and art world has changed and evolved, a novel take on the great Rock’n Roll swindle in the days of yes…. global lockdowns.

bySaabye was founded pre covid-19, in the year of 2019, by Saabye, a true creative, arty soul in Copenhagen. Could be described as an Arrogant Aristocrat, and isn’t that great? Un-complicated to the core, extrovert to the extreme yet driven, fiercely brave and ambitious. He is a professional Composer since always, primarily in the field of UK/US Pop, writes to no end Songs both to his alter-ego Stian, well-known established artists and anything in between. The alter-ego Stian is his playground, the utter childish wannabe Popstar, un-gifted, immature, yet at the same time a perfect match for Saabye’s Art-Pop, even if he nearly can’t speak in understandable manners for adults or hold any kind of a decent conversation… yet, his fanbase is out there and is very much on the up…

Saabye, self-made and autodidact to the bone, grew up peacefully in the greenest of suburbs in Copenhagen, before venturing out to develop the sweetest of Pop dreams via Paris and London. Pitched as the start of the future, all didn’t go exactly to plan, but he met and hung out with the best of people in the midst of BritPop and post BritPop, thus whereas the plan was more Kim Wilde and Sade style of wonderful prima donna millionaires… it went all British! Saabye is well enthusiastic, vigorous and brilliantly brave… always… and today, here in the midst-lockdown, writes, produces and gets Stian to perform a new single release every single Monday - and that with a video too - for a full calendar year! He also writes Songs to established global talent using his own techniques from his new 2020 eBook ‘the Art of Modern SongWriting in the Streaming Age’ and the ‘One Hour Session’ conclusion… “make it 1, say 2 Songs within a 60 minutes concentrated effort”…. add Pop art, TV/Radio and the rest… rest assured, he will do everything that he possibly can to be a good sport.


about the Art of Songwriting - eBook

The Art of Modern SongWriting in the Streaming Age is a complete easy to read Method Book. It seeks to answer many of the obstacles that SongWriters nowadays face in this age where Streaming Services has become king, yet where everyone, with or without a record label, have a realistic shot at releasing Music alongside the most successful Acts of today. However competition for bandwidth is fierce, and though the big established record labels always has the upper hand, that independent Artists can only dream of, you as a SongWriter more than ever before, is in a great position to have a real go at it. That if;

You Write Great Songs! That pleases both Fans and Software as, the Algorithms of Streaming Services like nothing better, than Popular Songs! The more popular, the more the Songs get promoted to the crowds of fans.

about the One Hour Session


Imagine yourself writing a follow-up single to a hit-single from the past, near or distant, or simply a brand new inspired song using a technique that facilitates writing one, more likely two new songs within a focused ‘One Hour Session’.

I have used the 2020 spring lockdown to write exactly a book about how I go about it, a method book about my life mission that is writing songs, many songs - combing chords, chord progressions, top-lines and lyrics, not by analysing, but simply by describing how I go about it daily. I then thought hard about what could be the best way to explain this technique in brief ? Apart from reading various press releases, browsing the dedicated website the range of social media pages or get people to buy the book and read all the 282 pages, I decided that writing a brief introduction for a quicker than quick overview to start with would be good option. This short PDF is the result and a brief introduction for all to what the whole thing is about.

The concept is simple enough... writing a new song, make it two, within a focused inspired 'One Hour Session' either alone or in a co-writing scenario. 60 minutes where you as songwriter, with or without the artist, either sitting together or in these times, remotely, composes 6 verses, 6 choruses and a few bridges that in 99% of the cases ends up as not only one, but funnily enough two songs. One being maybe more an A-side style song and the second often more of a wildcard, yet still could end up as the best of the two. Think it as A and B sides of an old school vinyl single running at 45pm. You then you chooses between the ideas, match them up and record simple demoes, tighten up the chord voicings, the chord progressions, the top-lines and finalize the lyrics while recording a first demo. Naturally, advanced production demoes/masters comes after.

Is this easier said than done? For sure! But I have written tons of songs, the great majority being pop songs of all sorts and always in the region of two a week. But... how did I do it? See, I did not have the faintest idea, I just did. Sure, routine and time made the songs better and better, however there had to be some Technique behind, right?! In the end it took in total 120 hours to write the book - the Art of Modern songwriting in the Streaming Age, a fully illustrated book running over 282 pages with lots of Audio Examples (132) and many illustrations (100)+. As I wrote the technique formed itself, and I found out quickly that the method actually works, maybe crazy by the look of it, but... by wrapping up the book the technique was born.

Lots of writers write in many different styles, personally I have always chosen the UK/US style of writing, and all-though I favours all decades in popular music, then admittely, most of all, I'm into the sound of 'now', 2020, and that fits fine with what both fans and the industry of today always are on the lookout for, contemporary singles, singles that fits in with both radio programming and streaming playlists... how to go about writing potential hits, songs that listeners do not skip, memorable songs that people like to hear on the radio over and over again and that pleases both fans and software so to speak.

Essentially, a songwriting cycle is quite simple and has three areas:


If you as songwriter has great focus and put much attention into all three, chances are that your songs will come out good, be original, valuable and as a bonus... be massively fun to do.

"I read not long ago that most international Hits on top 50, according to MusicWeek, in average is written by over 5 people, more precise 5.35, what naturally is fine, but what happened to co-writing sessions 'a deux'? Where a writer sits with the artist and bounces forth and back with him or her, with the goal of a comeback song... a follow-up single to a hit from the past.

There are always fans, that are waiting for more of the same, yet new, a newly written song with a feel of the previous hit. For some reason I have found that I'm good at it, sitting there together or via some link up with an artist, and getting new material done, and having a good time along the way – and that's the best part of it really, it's so fun having new music surface in short amounts of time."

Sample Tab/Lyric Sheet

Kissing That Girl

Download Lyric/Tabs


Technical Information

Arrangement: Logic X standard arrangements

Gear: Mac OS X - Universal Audio - Audio Technica Mics

Software: Locix X - UAD plugins - AutoTune - Sylenth SoftSynth

Guide Vocals: Saabye

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