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Lead single - Kissing That Girl

Set well between the golden era of the 80's song writing and the sound of 2021, ‘Don't Tell Mummy’ is grounded international-ArtPop with great attention to details. When Kaae, former music journalist/DJ now author/lyricist par excellence and lifelong songwriter Saabye, founders of the new duo ‘Don't Tell Mummy’, teamed up with 'never-to-grow-up popster' Stian, one could only start talking about, how the world of music and art has adopted to these challenging times, indeed a down-time with a real opportunity to make huge tunes, in honour of the all-time greats and at the same time, in musical terms, be something fresh and brand new.

However, with this creation and collaboration so heartfelt, none of them expected what followed, their first song composed and recorded in a 24-hour frenzy and with its dogma style music video feat. popster Stian playing a wannabe PopStar working as a cleaner in a dance studio with burlesque feather fans to go viral, the music video went to go crazy on socials without their knowledge!

As Lockdown finally eases, the EP is landing... ‘Don’t Tell Mummy’ by ‘Don't Tell Mummy’... top modern in sound, and with the biggest of hearts for traditions and the whole vibe that was the 80’s and the sound that is now.

Kissing That Girl

‘Kissing that Girl’ - dancing, dreaming, whishing to be in PopStar-extravaganza.

The music business during Lockdown is 99% off, Stian has therefore taken a part-time job as an early morning cleaner at a dance studio... as no dancers are allowed in because of restrictions, he makes the time fly by dreaming of being a PopStar in a world of star-fame and pop-fortune. He fantasizes about the girl that he loves and starts dancing his heart away to the beat of his fav' new song ‘Kissing that Girl’ not realising his sub-standard dance talent leaves a lot to be desired. Lovely...

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Dancing in your Shadow

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Look of Lies

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Don't Tell Mummy (Perfect Match)

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Make it for Two

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Kissing That Girl

Lyric Video (Preview)

About Don't Tell Mummy

‘Don't Tell Mummy’ is a crisp Scandinavian song writing duo of Kaae (*) - former music journalist now writer/lyricist and songwriter/artist/producer and once long-time London resident Saabye (**). The duo writes 2020's international-styled ArtPop songs both for themselves such as their May 2021 release - the eponymous EP ‘Don't Tell Mummy’ (***) - as well as for established global talent. The song writing style can be described as a hybrid between classic 80's song writing and a very 'bang up to date' production style, effectively merging the best of both eras’. The pair met around 2018 at their favourite artist local, yet it was first in the early spring of 2020, over a couple of late-night drinks talking about their common love of the British duo ‘Pet Shop Boys’ that they started to collaborate. Kaae had as a music journalist, among a large string of international stars, interviewed PSB a couple of times whereas Saabye as a budding popster himself, often had met Neil at the infamous Groucho Club in Soho in London during the height of the crazed and exceptional BritPop era of the mid-nineties.

About Stian (******)

Stian is the alter-ego of Saabye, a fictive figure, aged 32, the perfect wannabe PopStar, a performer, a party animal to the extreme with no regard for any consequences, happy-go-lucky and a notorious 'non-thinker'. However, he is also what a song writing duo such as ‘Don't Tell Mummy’ needs, the ultimate frontperson to their modern-day pop vision. Especially Saabye has serious relationship issues with Stian, “A thirty something child that is well out of reach, hugely annoying and pretty thick" - Saabye is quoted to say. Stian on the other hand finds Saabye “a right old f**t” and could well do without him in his PopStar life, although he is in dire and desperate need of the songs that comes his way to sustain his dreamy lifestyle.

About Kissing That Girl - the Song (*******)

‘Kissing That Girl’ is an ArtPop song that was written in a 24-hour rush of inspiration in early 2020 when song writing duo ‘Don’t Tell Mummy’, Kaae and Saabye, hung out at their favourite artist bar in Copenhagen one late night and talked about their common share of admiration for British pop-duo ‘Pet Shop Boys’. Writer and lyricist Kaae mentioned that he had a lyric for a song - Kissing That Girl - and they decided that Saabye should give it a go, so he sent it to Saabye that very same night. The following morning, Saabye woke up, slightly hungover, with the lyric in his inbox, out of bed, coffee in hand, he started one of his trademarks the 'One Hour Session', a concept he developed during the writing of his book - the Art of Modern SongWriting in the Streaming Age - writing parts of the song within a manifested maximum of one hour. In the end he actually only used half of that. He knew he was onto something exiting so proceeded right away to arrange and record it by following his 'maximum 4 hours to record to master the track'. Again, it turned out to be less than that, as the lyrics already were completed by Kaae. Upon hearing it, Kaae was instantly smitten, and they decided to do something about it, initially as a pre-release supported by a social media only video (****)

About Kissing That Girl - the Video (****)

‘Kissing that Girl’ is a modern based ArtPop song by the duo ‘Don't Tell Mummy’, written by lyricist Kaae and composer Saabye. The song was composed in a rush of inspiration in early 2020 after Kaae and Saabye hung out in the favourite artist bar in Copenhagen one late night, talking about their common share of admiration for British pop-duo ‘Pet Shop Boys’. In brief Kaae mentioned that he had a lyric ready for a song and sent it to Saabye right that same night. The next day, Saabye used his trademark the 'One Hour Session' a concept from his book - the Art of Modern SongWriting in the Streaming Age - and wrote the parts for the song within an hour, actually half of that. He immediately proceeded to arranging and recording it following his manifested 'maximum 4 hours to record to master,  the track’. Again, it turned out to be less than that, as the lyrics was already completed by the hand of Kaae.

Upon hearing it, Kaae was instantly smitten and Saabye decided to do a video within the framework of his ‘ArtPop Galore bySaabye’ concept ‘Maximum 8 hours from initial idea to social media release with a storytelling no-budget dogma styled video’. The storyline is that Stian works in a dance studio in Copenhagen as an early morning cleaner to support his fantasy dream of becoming a world-famous PopStar for pocket money. However, he has also fallen in love, so he breaks out in some not-so-great moves in the dance studio before tempting burlesque dancing... all very sweet. The video was released without much fuzz a late-night in March 2020 to get an indication of, if it would find any fans... It got a nice 5000 views overnight yet was put on hold the next morning as there was indications that a global pandemic was arriving fast and the world would enter a Lockdown, as we now know it very much did. The video was largely forgotten about, with Saabye continuing to write new material to build up his song catalogue and Kaae doing numerous writings and TV projects, all until one day in early spring 2021 the video suddenly appears in Saabye's Facebook feed with a count of 100K++ views very much to his surprise. Looking a little into it, he found that it had been placed as the ’Next Up' video, by the algorithms, right after a great video-performance by Bowie in front of 150.000 at Glastonbury in 2000, and suddenly ‘Kissing that Girl’ had found numerous fans here. Much to their amusement and joy “how silly that a dogma styled video about a looser wannabe PopStar could attract this amount of attention”, so ‘Don't Tell Mummy’ decided to release ‘Kissing that Girl’ and bundle it together with 4 new songs including the singles ‘Dancing in your Shadow’ and ‘Look of Lies’.

The EP is produced bySaabye and is mixed by one of the absolute top mixers and a true master of ‘attention to details’ Flemming Hansson, a curious concept thinking of it, merging such dedication to details with source material from fast yet inspired recordings with initial 'maximum 4 hours to arrange and record a track 'manifested by Saabye. Several remixes are on their way from world-famous remixers, old and new and hits the ground late spring early summer 2021.

About the EP (***)

The eponymous EP - Don't Tell Mummy - is the debut from the duo ‘Don't Tell Mummy’ - Kaae has a large range of written works, books and lyrics to his name and Saabye has a lifelong career as songwriter/artist under a string of names and a new song writing catalogue of more than a hundred modern-day pop songs in his portfolio. The EP is themed around a storyline that Kaae has put together. (*) and a musical style that is best described as ArtPop in the sound of 2021 for fans of the classic 80's. ‘Kissing That Girl’ (*******) is released as lead single in May 2021, and has in previews, with its pre-pandemic social media video only release, received a host of applauds already from both music industry insiders, media and fans from all over the world.

Tracklist: Kissing That Girl - Dancing in your Shadow - Look of Lies - Don't Tell Mummy - Make it for Two.

Don't Tell Mummy - The Songwriting Duo

About Kaae (*)

Kaae is a former music journalist par excellence, a massive lexicon of musical anecdotes and an accomplished DJ. His writing often centres around contrasts, believable and compelling storytelling and a true dedication to the art of great song titles... ‘Kissing that Girl’, ‘Look of Lies’, ‘Dancing in your Shadow’.... (more to follow)

About Saabye (**)

Saabye is a former long-time London resident that arrived in London during the height of the BritPop craze and found himself as close as you get to many of the main players at the time, both artists and the surrounding industry people. "It was the best of times, Britain was buzzing not seen since the 60's, the music was exceptional inspired and flamboyant, and artists such as Blur, Oasis and Pulp was all over the place and I... landing in the middle of all this, working with some fantastic people that made their names in the 80’s, living these times was not only the most fun, but I learned so much about the industry, that I'm so passionate to the extreme about” – Saabye.