the Art of Modern Songwriting for the Streaming Age

The Art of Modern SongWriting in the Streaming Age is a complete easy to read Method Book. It seeks to answer many of the obstacles that SongWriters nowadays face in this age where Streaming Services has become king, yet where everyone, with or without a record label, have a realistic shot at releasing Music alongside the most successful Acts of today. However competition for bandwidth is fierce, and though the big established record labels always has the upper hand, that independent Artists can only dream of, you as a SongWriter more than ever before, is in a great position to have a real go at it. That if;

that pleases both Fans and Software

as, the Algorithms of Streaming Services like nothing better, than Popular Songs! The more popular, the more the Songs get promoted to the crowds of fans.




Ian Nilsen has written pop songs all his life. He landed via his first entry into the London music scene bang in the middle of the BritPop mania and got to hang out with all the biggest bands and the music industry at a unique time in England and learned first hand how much music means to so many people, as well as he understood very quickly that without a good song it's going to be extremely difficult at having a career in the business of music on a large scale.


"What you really should aim for as a songwriter is to write songs not only for yourself, but for everyone to wake up to, listen to everywhere, have the best (or sadest) of memories too... the list of reasons to write goes on and on....

Today everybody can essentially release their own music, but without having great songs that stands out, the complex algorithmes build into streaming services will see that listeners skip early and thus ignore you completely without you being able to do anything about it.

So whatever you are writing for yourself, your friends and family, your band or all the way towards the charts, be it for yourself or some established artist, this book based on my very own experiencs and my personal solutions, my very ideas, my take on the international music industry that i love from all my heart is for you to get inspired by.

I simply love music, but I love songs first, love good songs, with great melodies and lyrics that you connect to"

bySaabye September 2020


"We are living in a fast paced world and many of us all are in a lightening speed becoming fluent in so many areas, same in Music, be it Writing, Recording, Performing, Self-releasing... We as SongWriters are becoming more tricks of all trades, so very different from the days of old, where specialising in a single field was the norm of the day"








How Modern Songwriting has changed in the age of Streaming


The inner workings of Streaming Services and their Algorithms, and how to write Songs that pleases both Fans and Software


Basic Music Theory that comes in handy when writing Song


How to create distinguished Chord Progressions


How to create infectious Melodies


A set of invaluable SongWriting Approaches from Chord Progressions to Melody Composition to Lyric Writing


Introduction to a larger than life ToolBox with a myriad of Tools


Unvieling of a Bag of Tricks lled with great Tips and Tricks that has worked so perfectly well in the past


A set of Never to Forget Rules so to avoid making un-timely mistakes


In-depth analyse of the volatile relationship between TopLine (Melody) and BassLine


How to set about Writing compelling Lyrics


Thorough analyse of key elements of released Songs


Six Examples of Songs employing the mother of all cliches: I Love You


A rigorous run-through of a typical successful One Hour Writing Session resulting in two Songs


and much much more...



Many people do not trust themselves at all when it comes to songwriting and sure it is difficult to come up with brand new original songs. Most songwritershave maybe at some point tried to write, but have then lost completly faith in their own ability and simply rely on others to either write the songs or simply do covers instead.

However... songs are the life and bread of music, without songs no music, without lyrics nothing that people can sing along to. Songwriting is a skill like many other skills, a skill that builds upon talent, but it also builds around a lot of tricks and tips that all those great songwriters in the past have had to experience themselves first hand before becoming great.

I have written songs forever, it's my thing, and I have build my own complete method of doing them, based on experience and also by hearing the results again and again in the end. Asking my self questions, how do I get people to sing along? How do I get them to wake up with the melodies in the morning? How do I get them to get excited about the live performances? What is it that makes a song special? Is it the tempo? Is it the key? The conclusion I have arrived at is, it's all about tensions and things that are un-expected, things the listener may have heard before, yet at the same time, not at all. The lyrics, the story line, the rhymes - it all has to come together. This method book is about how to build up simple but memorable songs with lyrics that can fill anything from your local to stadiums.

Today streaming is king and the algoritmes are cruel, it's all machines, they know excactly when people skip track, how long they listen in seconds, if they listen again because it's all data, but in the end it's the listerners that make these choices, it's all about, do they get into your song or do they not? It's not different from the real world and with live shows of all sorts.
There are bags of things that's helpful to know before you write your songs, in the book I will go though a lot of that based on my own experiences.






the Book runs over 282 pages, over 20 fully illustrated Chapters with more than 130 Audio Examples based on either Songs or Scores written specically to clarify the numerous Tips and Tricks using the Technique.

Many Examples are to be found both in standard Music Score notations with Tabs for Piano and Guitar and are all fully supported by Audio that can be played immediatly directly from within the Book.

The Book covers the full range of particulars in a typical cycle of Modern SongWriting anno 2020;